domingo, 25 de febrero de 2018


In order to motivate the students, this week I have designed an activity (mission) which includes revisión of math concepts, developing of communication skills and the learning of new software.

The activity is related to the first unit of 1st course of ESO: NATURAL NUMBERS

The pupils are going to work in groups of four.

  •  The first task the students shoul do is to elaborate a summary of this unit, and make an easy diagram to show it to their classmates

  •  The next task is to use VOKI and design an avatar who can explain the doubts to their classmates. For this task they shoul think about some question and their answers and use the avatar to explain them.

  • Finally, they have to record a video joining these two ideas. We are going to use JING to this last task

All the groups should finish the mission, they should show their jobs in front of the class, and at the end, we all will choose the winning team, that will be given the badge .

I have designed the badge, with the text MORE THAN MATHS, to express that students will learn not only maths, but  the are going to improve other skills.

The objectives I have to get after this mission are:

  • Learn the vocabulary related to this lesson
  •  Lear how to do diagrams - Learn how to explain maths to other students 
  • Share their knowledge  with their classmates
  • Learn apps and software to communicate on the internet

I have use a new tool: PADLET. In this board I show the students what they should do, and I give them an example of each tool they have to use to complete the misión.
They can find the badge they can win in this padlet, too

As a final reflection, I think that the explanations of the teacher, as well as the individual effort of the students are absolutely necessary for the learning, but it is a good idea that from time to time we use other strategies to motivate them. In this sense, learning missions and, obviously digital badges are very motivating, because they allow students to work in groups and to use collaborative work practices, as well as learn other useful tools, mainly related to technology tools.

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  1. Dear Isabel:
    What a great way to motivate your students in a challenging subject like Math. I am sure they will enjoy the mission and do their best to get one of that attractive badge you designed.