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It was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, to help teachers to design, develop and integrate education technologies in order to achieve high levels of learning.

In the model there are four levels of technology integration; from a simple substitution, where there is no functional change to a complete redefinition in which technology allow us to create things that are not possible without using technology.

The four levels are:

Level 1:  SUBSTITUTION:  Technology acts as a direct substitution tool without functional changes

e.g: Use word processors to write notes, send documents by email, print out document.

Level 2:  AUGMENTATION: Technology acts as a substitute with a functional improvement added.

e.g. Take a quiz using a Google Form instead of a pencil and paper, send the tasks by e-mail, allowing other students to add multimedia content, use online dictionaries as a tool to help us to improve our vocabulary and our writing.

Level 3:  MODIFICATION: Complete redesign of the tasks through technology, so common tasks are done using the computer technology

e.g. regular use of the virtual classroom to exchange tasks between teachers and students; use specific software to make an essay and record an audio with the essay, collaboartive work.

Level 4:  REDEFINITION : computer technology allows us to do new tasks that were previously inconceivable

e.g. Make a video and upload it to Youtube, create a video explaining essential concepts about a topic, suggest a collaborative work among students who should communicate using new technologies, collaborate with other groups to discuss about a common topic, participate in educational forums, share their works online. 

We can find SAMR model as a ladder to visualize the teaching planning.

The first step is to replace one process with another that uses technology; then move to the next step introducing new technology little by little to reach the last step when we try to make the most of the technology.

 You can find other examples about how to implement this model in our class in the following pictures:
And more extra information in the following videos: 
SAMR in 120 seconds
To summarize this theory I have eleborated a POPPLET presentation,
that you can find in this link: 
In this picture you can watch an image of my minmap:
If you want to watch my mindmap as a presentation, follow these steps

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