domingo, 11 de marzo de 2018

Digital safety, citizenship and learning resource for parents

Kids are growing up on a digital world, they are up to date in social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so forth, spending many hours every day connected to theses digital spaces.
Obviously, digital world brings young people incredible resources and learning opportunities, but it also poses a challenge for the parents about how to manage all these sources of information, many of them unreliable, how to control the time the children spend on the internet, how to prevent cyberbullying, how to find the age-appropriate content, and so on.
Parents should start by checking the children's use of technology, warning them about the risks on the web, and , afterwards, they should show them about the potential of the internet as a source of information.
I am trying to give the parents strategies to keep an eye on what their children do and share on the web and to help them so they can guide the children to look for appropriate and safety content. And, finally, I would like to offer parents a list of useful educational resources online.

In my genially, you can find these tips for parents

I hope they find it useful.
Good luck!

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