martes, 13 de marzo de 2018


This week I have reflected about the strategies I use in class in order to better manage my class, and I have thought about my teacher survival kit. What I have collected in my kit is obviously, my briefcase plenty of folders, sheets, post-it notes, ruler, calculator, stapler, glue stick, scissors, my pencil case with pens and pencils, sharpener, rubber, marker pens, clips, some stickers, highlighters, earphones, my lesson planner book, my memo pad, the student's book and other  reading books related to maths which. I usually carry to my clases, my laptop, which allows me to connect to my virtual class in a Moodle platform, or my Symbaloo webmix, and some flashcards, posters, boardgames or other games (like bingo or dominoes) to do the practice exercises about the topic I am teaching at the moment. All these things allow me to face the lesson in differet ways, doing a warming up activity at the beginning of the class, going on with an explanation in the middle and finishing the class doing exercises to practise what the students have learnt in this class. This last exercises could  be theorical, practical or even entertainment exercises.

The second activity this week have been a digital parent’s guide to collect information to help parents to be up to date about what their children are using internet for. I have begun my reflection encouraging parents to check their children’s use of technology. Then, I have given parents some clues so they can explain their children about potential of the internet as a source of information, warning them about the dangers they can find online. Finally, I have given parents a list of useful educational resources online that their children can use to improve their academic achivements.

With this guide I have established a connection with the parents, so that both, parents and me, have a common criteria in order to give a apropiate digital education to the children, so they take advantage of the potential of the internet, avoiding the risks that internet can represents.

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