viernes, 16 de marzo de 2018


What was your favorite assignment?
I really enjoyed planning the learning mission

Which unit do you feel helped you grow the most?
The unit where I had to prepare a guide with resources for parents to help their children  in a digital world. I think it was an interesting task, and I learnt more about Genially tool

Which parts of the course were the most challenging? 
Obviously, the last unit, although I think we would need more than 1 week time to accomplish this last task, because it’s very difficult to find a partner, especially in my subject (Maths)

How has participating in this course helped you become a better teacher and learner?
I have found very interesting projects and blogs of other peers in the course and  I have learnt about many tools I will use from now, and I have loved being in touch with my colleagues in other countries

Thanks to Shelly for the coordination of this MOOC course!

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