viernes, 9 de marzo de 2018


My survival kit consists in:
  • My briefcase plenty of folders, sheets, post-it notes, ruler, calculator, stapler, glue stick, scissors, and so forth

  • My pencil case with pens and pencils, sharpener, rubber, marker pens, clips, some stickers, highlighters, earphones, and so forth

  • My lesson planner book and my memo pad, where it’s written my timetable, contact list of the students, exams dates, marks, and other ideas and note I consider important

  • The student's book that we use in class, and other  reading books related to maths which I usually carry to my clases.

  • My laptop, which allows me to connect to my virtual class in a Moodle platform, or my Symbaloo webmix where I have collected some links with resources or web pages address in order to use in class.

  • Depending on the topic I can take some flashcards, posters, boardgames or other games (like bingo or dominoes) to do the practice exercises about this topic.
 I have prepared a Genially poster collecting all the information, you can find here

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  1. Very complete kit with laptop, links to your favorite or most needed websites!. Well organized!Inspiring!