sábado, 17 de febrero de 2018

The goal minded teacher. First week

This is my entry after the first week following the MOOC course "The goal minded teacher"

I am using this blog as a personal portfolio in which I hope to share my achieved goals during this course.

My name is Isabel Hernández, and I teach Mathematics in a secondary school in Plasencia (Cáceres) in Spain. As I teach in a bilingual section, I would like to share and learn about the experiences of other teachers, so it could help me to improve my skills in order to motivate and engage the students.

At facebook you can see my photo with my stickers: a tree, the sun and a book…..that’s because I like nature, books and sunny days.

Today I have completed my tasks:
-       I have joined to the Facebook group
-       I have shared my photo with the stickers in Facebook and in Twitter
-       I have pinpointed my location in the map
-       And, finally I’m publishing this entry in my blog

I’m happy to complete all the tasks!

I hope keep on learning!

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  1. Dear Isabel:
    Hard work! Well-detailed and on the right track to be the best goal-minded teachers in your school!